Help Line

I was on call for the St. Vincent de Paul "Help Line", when I received a phone call from one our SVDP Parishes concerning a single mother with five children who was in need of a bed, a dining set of table and chairs, and a recliner or regular easy chair.

I called and talked with the lady and later visited her in her home where she had just moved in.  There was a couch, a TV set and one small bed.  Other than that, the house was empty of an other furniture.  There was a piece of carpet on the wood floor on which some of the children were sleeping with three pillows against the wall.

I asked her if I got some furniture, could she pick it up or pay $40 for it to be delivered, but she said she had now way to pick it up, nor could she afford to pay to have it delivered.  So my wife and I went to the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, picked out a bed, a mattress and box springs, a table with four chairs and a recliner.  We delivered it to the family and she couldn't thank us enough.  This becomes a Mission Moment for the works of our St. Vincent de Paul Society in Fort Wayne.

Christ just knocked at our door!

Mission Moments